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Out of the Lab and into the Real World –  IPS Measured Dynamically on the Line

If you’ve been following my posts in this IPS series; we’ve already discussed what IPS (Inches Per Second) measurement is and how it relates to the bottling industry.
Basically, IPS is the glass industry’s strength rating of any given bottle.

This post will take a more technical ‘deep-dive’ into other methods of measuring IPS and introduce a more dynamic IPS calculation for fillers and glass manufacturers alike.

Data vs. Insight: Sharing a timely article and an exciting development

In his ‘How to Differentiate Your IoT Product: Provide Insights Not Data’ article in last month’s Tech Product Management, author Daniel Elizalde shared a story that stuck with me and I wanted to share:

There’s an old joke that goes something like this: A shepherd is looking after his herd when suddenly a young man in a sports car stops by. The young man asks the shepherd, “If I can guess how many sheep you have, can I keep one of them?” The shepherd agrees. The young man starts running calculations using the latest and greatest technology. “You have 280 sheep,” he says.

The shepherd sighs and tells the young man, “If I guess what your profession is, can I get my sheep back?” The young man agrees. “You are a consultant,” he says. Surprised, the young man asks, “How did you know!” “Well, you are charging me a steep price, you are telling me something I already know, and obviously you know nothing about my business because you are taking away my dog!”

- Daniel Elizalde

The predictor of glass breakage on the line – a snapshot of IPS and Glass Packaging

Glass packaging isn’t going anywhere.
If you need proof, look to the statistics:

Industry Sensors + IIoT Media
MMAAZZ Announces Partnership with Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences

(Moncton, NB) MMAAZZ, the leading smart sensor provider for the food and beverage industry and a division of Masitek Instruments Inc., is pleased to announce a long-term partnership agreement with the renowned Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HSWT) University of Applied Sciences in Freising, Germany.

Industry Sensors + IIoT Shop Talk
MMAAZZ Technology Joins Spanish Testing Group to Extend the Reusable Life of Glass Packaging.

Tracy Clinch, President and CEO of MASITEK Instruments Inc., is pleased to announce that their MMAAZZ Technology division is partnering with the highly respected Spanish testing facility, CTM Centre Tecnologic to extend the life of reusable glass and aluminum bottles through the reduction of “scuffing” on the bottling line.

Industry Sensors + IIoT Shop Talk
A Perception of Extra Sensors: Global Sensor Market Snapshot

I open my car door at the flick of a finger, my keys still securely in my purse and as I step inside my seat adjusts to my preference (hubby likes his further back). My phone connects automatically and starts into my latest Spotify list. As the engine warms up I’m warned of low tire pressure – guess I’ll have to check that out later.

Industry Sensors + IIoT
The next frontier: why exact sized replicas are the ultimate on-the-line smart sensor

The idea of having sensors on a bottling or canning line is brilliant. The fact that a line operator can have dashboards and data streamed to their tablet wirelessly has been “one giant leap” for the industry whether you want to call it Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing or IIoT. In some ways it was like that first step on the moon because it was totally uncharted territory.


Industry Sensors + IIoT
What’s really happening on your packaging line? Why you can’t ignore sensors + IIoT any longer.

Somewhere along the line I heard a wonderful quote that was stated to be an old Chinese expression, “A problem recognized is half solved” but it was Charles Kettering, the famed inventor and former head of research for GM, who is noted as saying, “A problem well-stated is half-solved.”