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Glass on glass contact triggers costly breakage.

One of the world’s oldest and largest breweries was encountering a high levels of breakage on the line in a European bottling facility. The breakage was highly visible and the noise of the glass on glass contact was extremely high. They needed to eliminate the breakage and related downtime to reach target output efficiency; but while operations staff thought they could identify where things were going wrong, they lacked data to engineer a fix.


ShockQC™ identifies root cause of damage which is not the area suspected.

Where glass breakage occurs is not necessary the highest or the only high impact area. The company's bottling facility used ShockQC to determine that the root cause of damage was not the area suspected. Impact received by the glass bottle causes damage on the surface of the glass and weakens the glass until an impact (even small) causes the final breakage downstream. ShockQC in an acrylic replica of the client's bottle was placed on the line and the real-time data runs left no room for doubt. Breakage was happening near the packer but the largest impact area was occuring in the de-packer at the beginning of the filling line. 

ShockQC is a smart replica of glass containers, cans or other fragile containers to measure IPS and G-Force to identify the root cause of damage with 99% repeatability. Location tracking with wireless Bluetooth beacons pinpoint the origin of damage and opportunities for improvement.

Without ShockQC, this leading brewer could not have identified the weak point in the process.

Pioneering brewer cuts breakage on the line with impact control using ShockQC™.

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