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Equipment testing requires reliable data.

Knowledge and solutions are the currency of glass engineering firms and equipment providers such as Gebo-Cermex. However, knowledge must be verified by data, particularly during system audits and the testing of new equipment installations that could potentially trigger significant issues downstream in a domino effect.


ShockQC™ and PressureQC™ ensure equipment installations do not trigger unwanted issues.

Gebo-Cermex now regularly uses a combination of ShockQC and PressureQC on the line to test new equipment installations and perform packaging line audits. Auditors use the system to determine which equipment on the line is causing concern and make appropriate recommendations. These recommendations to beer, wine, food, and spirit companies globally are potential business opportunities for efficiency projects.

ShockQC is a smart replica of glass containers, cans or other fragile containers to measure IPS and G-Force to identify the root cause of damage with 99% repeatability. Location tracking with wireless Bluetooth beacons pinpoint the origin of damage and opportunities for improvement.

Outfitted with pressure sensitive film, PressureQC smart sensor replicas are placed on the line to measure scuffing and squeeze load for glass, PET and canning industries. Location beacons identify where to take immediate corrective actions and prioritize maintenance tasks to minimize rejects and extend bottle life. 

Gebo-Cermex adds value to client recommendations with 99% repeatable data.

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