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Line capabilities need to be tested against new container design.

Even minor tweaks to container design can affect the performance of a high-speed line and testing newly designed containers take time and sometimes try the patience of operators and engineers who want to get things up and running. Without factual data, trial runs can be extremely inefficient, especially if issues with the new design arise. 


Successful product testing leads to wide-scale adoption

The team at a leading global coffee brand made the decision to deplay PressureQC to test the capacity of their lines to handle a new container design. The success of initial testing on their pilot line lead them to add PressureQC on all of their filling lines. Receiving real time factual data that can point out current trouble spots as well as areas of escalating issues was something that made perfect sense.

Outfitted with pressure sensitive film, PressureQC smart sensor replicas are placed on the line to measure scuffing and squeeze load for glass, PET and canning industries. Location beacons identify where to take immediate corrective actions and prioritize maintenance tasks to minimize rejects and extend bottle life.

The success of initial testing on a pilot line leads to the addition of PressureQC™ on all of filling lines.

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