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One facility struggles with the right amount of torque to create a seal.

Calibrating equipment to put precisely the right amount of torque required to create a proper seal without damage to containers is something that the world’s largest soda company deals with on a daily basis. In one facility, it was becoming a game of guesswork with only experience thrown in to the mix.



Instant data on exact pressure levels allows for proper calibration.

By adding VerticalQC to their lines, operators received instant data on exact pressure levels. The acrylic replica of their container with sensor technology built in, wirelessly sent vertical pressure readings that allowed for much quicker calibration and of course, more production.

VerticalQC smart sensor replicas are best used as part of your regular calibration process to put an end to lengthy shut downs and improve overall line efficiency. Location tracking beacons identify exact problem areas for immediate corrective action.

Ongoing issues with vertical torque are resolved with proper calibration using sensor data.

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