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Bottom line: without precise data and visualizations, recommendations have less value.

Time is money easily wasted without accurate visibility of the process.

Auditiors often hear that producers are "not reaching efficiency goal numbers and need an industry expert to assist with recommendations.” Prior to the introduction of the MMAAZZ suite of solutions, ShockQC, PressureQC and VerticalQC, an auditor might spend weeks just getting to know where problems exist with much of this analysis performed without precision for lack of data. Precise, reliable data complete with integrated photo capture helps auditors uncover areas of escalating issue, capping issues and high pressure or spin areas, allowing effective planning and justification of productivity improvements.

Issues that trigger downstream damage make root cause analysis extremely difficult.

Often in the production process, improper calibration or areas of pressure, shock or impact are only identified at the time of breakage while the actual source of the damage can occur much earlier in process. In-line monitoring with ShockQC, PressureQC and VerticalQC smart sensors drastically increase visibility of shock, impact and vertical load that containers experience on the line. Bluetooth beacons, integrated photo capture and the ability to note areas of concern help pinpoint and visualize the exact location of damage making root cause analysis significantly easier. With precision data, auditors now have the tools to drive changes and improve production.

Without data, validation and visualizations, recommendations are less valuable.

An important component of a professional audit is a comprehensive report with illustrated references and recommendations based on accurate data. With the introduction of MMAAZZ smart in-line sensors - IPS, pressure, impacts, spin, vertical load measurements by location can be read in the immediate real-time operation of the line and also be stored from each run to be charted and compared. For reporting, data is presented in an easy-to-read detailed format complete with integrated photo captures from the line. The ROI of recommendations and maintenance plans can also be validated against prior data runs using the same tools.

Get visibility. Drive value. Prove ROI.
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