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Bottom line: operations and engineering are under pressure to produce more beer.

When the line is pushed to go faster, vulnerabilities are exposed.

The goals are simple. Set your lines to higher speeds and produce more. The problems are many. Esthetic damage such as torn labels and scuffed glass, improper capping and sealing, denting and breakage with lightweighting projects all add to costs and increase downtime. The solutions are now available. Using MMAAZZ ShockQC and PressureQC prior to speeding up the lines ensures that you remain within the IPS and Scuff Meter Index for the particular bottle being used. The acrylic replica reads all pressure points and sends a wireless reading to your monitor showing exactly where any problems exist.

Average industry breakage levels as high as 2%.

Using ShockQC regularly on a line has shown to reduce breakage up to 80%. Yes, it is easy to calculate the savings but it is just as easy to know if the problems are a result of the glass manufacturing or the line itself. ShockQC by MMAAZZ doesn’t lie.  The system reads pressure throughout the line and passes the factual data direct to the user. Since IPS measurements mediate between the glass manufacturer and the filler, it is important to have proper data that can be charted for easy reading and understanding.

Trial-and-error calibration is a waste of valuable time.

The evolution of VerticalQC has resulted in a product that saves an extraordinary amount of time and that of course means savings and increased production. Working closely with leading providers to the beverage industry resulted in the development of a sensor that reads the downward pressure on containers, MMAAZZ’s VerticalQC. Once again, setting this in advance of the line run and on a regular basis throughout the run, pinpoints any issues with the capper for immediate remediation. 

Have control. Run faster. Reduce damage.
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