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Bottom line: increasing speed, lightweighting containers and new packaging designs can all cause unwanted issues on the line.

Food processors are being pushed on all fronts.

Food companies are under pressure to produce more product, keep costs down and all the while mitigating the risks associated with glass contamination. Any new equipment on the line can further complicate the process. ShockQC is an incredible aid to line operators to improve efficiencies. An acrylic replica of the container being used is inserted into the line to measure impact and shock, providing real-time feedback. The operator can pinpoint where issues are occuring on the line during product testing or periods of increased line speed, adjusting equipment accordingly and keeping lines running with less downtime.

Esthetic damage costs more than product loss.

In competitive categories, producers are embracing packaging trends for product differentiation however these initiatives can be quickly shattered. Damage caused by scuffing results in losses of not only production capacity, but in potential recall cost should damage or contamination be missed by quality control. PressureQC utilized on filling and packaging lines offers instant reading of pressure and spin with real time notifications highlighting trouble areas. Your brand image is kept under control even as your line runs more efficiently. And of course, the cost of losses is significantly reduced.

Lightweight containers are useless if they are dented or damaged.

Cans and containers that are dented, damaged or leaking are simply not fit for the market. So while engineering and introducing lightweight containers saves costs and raw material, it has to make it through the line consistently. Designs need to be properly vetted, and not over- or under-engineered. Testing lightweight designs and new containers is now made easier with with ShockQC. An acrylic or 3D smart sensor replica of the new container is produced and can be tested and re-tested without breakage. Quicker solutions and quicker to market for lightweight and innovative container designs.

Run faster. Reduce recalls. Improve profit.
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