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Bottom line: IPS rating must match performance. Every time.

Significant glass breakage at a customer site is costly.

It's never an easy conversation. The discussions of who is to blame when problems occur that have taken place between manufacturers and fillers have been numerous. The information that comes from using ShockQC can quickly solve any disagreement with factual data. Using this sensor technology which measures in IPS, the only strength rating for glass containers, glass technicians can now easily determine the damage points and the root cause. Often this can be done without shutting down or even slowing down the line. The acrylic or 3D replica experiences the same line damage as the glass container, and transmits the data, including IPS, wirelessly and in real time to the operator’s tablet. 

New equipment set-up results in breakage. Often a lot of breakage.

When new equipment is commissioned and installed, the question becomes how much breakage will occur just getting things set up. Once again, ShockQC provides the information required to allow for quick and easy calibration of new machinery. Because an operator can read the IPS and pinpoint trouble areas in real time with the sensor technology, adjustments can come rapidly and the fixes are so much easier to come about. There is no better remedy to problems than information and when this information reads the IPS, the one true measure required, and also points out the location of trouble areas, the amount of time and breakage saved can be enormous.

Lightweight container designs must perform on the line.

Engineering and introducing a new lightweight container saves costs and raw material, but it has to make it through the line consistently. Designs need to be properly vetted, and not over- or under-engineered. Testing lightweight designs and new containers is now made so much easier with the technology that comes with ShockQC. An acrylic or 3D smart sensor replica of the new container is produced and can be tested and re-tested without breakage. The data is received wirelessly, direct to the operator’s tablet and in real time. Simply watching for breakage and trying to reason why is now replaced with actual data. Quicker solutions and quicker to market for lightweight and innovative container designs.

Prove IPS. Test designs. Mitigate risk.
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