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Bottom line: damage to luxurious high-end finishes can damage your brand.

Custom glass designs and finishes require perfect production.

Packaging trends are embracing personalization, luxury finishes and innovative custom glass designs for premium products in cosmetics, perfumes and beauty line-ups. These trends place pressure on production perhaps greater than ever. Damage caused by scuffing and impact on the filling line create losses and downtime that are unacceptable. PressureQC with smart embedded sensors in an acrylic replica of the bottle allows operators to better manage the damage caused by pressure and spin that the container is experiencing on the line. Real-time data pinpoints problems to reduce the downtime required to make proper adjustments.

Trial-and-error calibration is a waste of valuable time.

The evolution of VerticalQC has resulted in a product that saves an extraordinary amount of time and that of course means savings and increased production. Working closely with leading industry specialists resulted in the development of a sensor that reads the downward pressure on containers, MMAAZZ’s VerticalQC. Once again, setting this in advance of the line run and on a regular basis throughout the run, pinpoints any issues with the capper to avoid mechanical damage to equipment and container breakage.

Glass breakage and downtime results in lost profit.

The ultimate goal is to produce more than current levels, efficiently and without damage. One of the main obstacles in achieving this is production downtime due to breakage. Of course, loss is not only valuable product and materials but also lost production availability. ShockQC has been proven in numerous applications to significantly reduce breakage up to 80% to greatly improve operational efficiency. To do this, acrylic smart sensor replicas of the containers in-use are inserted on the line to transmit impact and IPS rates that the glass bottles are experiencing. Damage can be averted when areas of possible damage are pinpointed and immediate action is taken.

Prevent damage. Control your brand. Push profit.
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