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Bottom line: the full cost savings of lightweighting won't be realized until production is efficient.

Lightweight container designs must perform on the line.

Cans and PET containers that are dented, damaged or leaking are simply not fit for the market. So while engineering and introducing lightweight containers saves costs and raw material, it has to make it through the line consistently. Designs need to be properly vetted, and not over- or under-engineered. Testing lightweight designs and new containers is now made easier with with ShockQC. An acrylic or 3D smart sensor replica of the new container is produced and can be tested and re-tested without breakage. Quicker solutions and quicker to market for lightweight and innovative container designs.

When the line is pushed to go faster, vulnerabilities are exposed.

The goals are simple. Set your lines to higher speeds and produce more. The problems are many. Esthetic damage such as torn labels and scuffed glass, improper capping and sealing, denting and breakage with lightweighting projects all add to costs and increase downtime. The solutions are now available. Using MMAAZZ ShockQC and PressureQC prior to speeding up the lines ensures that you remain within the IPS and Scuff Meter Index for the particular bottle being used. The acrylic replica reads all pressure points and sends a wireless reading to your monitor showing exactly where any problems exist.

Regardless of container design, improper seals cause leakage.

One of the main issues with capping, particular in lightweight PET containers, is getting the calibration just right so that there is not too much or too little downward pressure. Improperly calibrated capping machines can mean the difference between leakage or damage and a perfect seal. The evolution of VerticalQC to measure the downward pressure on containers has resulted in a product that saves an extraordinary amount of time, cost savings and increased production. Setting this in advance of the line run and on a regular basis throughout the run, pinpoints any issues with the capper.

Lightweight successfully. Run faster. Stop Leakage.
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