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Bottom line: luxury brands require perfect execution of glass finishes and bottle designs. And it isn't always easy.

Custom glass designs and finishes require perfect production.

Packaging trends are embracing personalization, luxury finishes and innovative custom glass designs for premium products such as spirits. These trends place pressure on production perhaps greater than ever. Damage caused by scuffing and impact on the filling line create losses and downtime that are unacceptable. PressureQC with smart embedded sensors in an acrylic replica of the bottle allows operators to better manage the damage caused by pressure and spin that the container is experiencing on the line. Real-time data pinpoints problems to reduce the downtime required to make proper adjustments.

Aged for years and broken on the line in seconds.

Breakage is a major issue on high-speed lines, both for valuable liquid loss and downtime to clean-up and restart the line. ShockQC reduces breakage and the time lost by giving the operator real-time sensor readings of the impact and acceleration and exact locations of issues. With information comes solutions. Quick fixes that can be made with accurate and detailed impact readings that are current, allow adjustments that keep IPS levels within the manufacturer’s specifications and keep lines running. Information can be saved and reports generated to compare long term effectiveness of lines and “big picture” adjustments.

The final assurance of integrity comes with a proper seal.

Leakage and improper seal represent a risk of recall and damage to a brand. Improperly sealed product will not make it to the shelf in proper fashion. Leakage is also a major factor and of course can ruin not just one bottle but also surrounding bottles in transit. VerticalQC precisely measures the downward pressure of the corking or capping machine allowing set up in minutes and ensuring the integrity of the product. Reduction of downtime increases production availability and yield.  

Differentiate your brand. Reduce breakage. Stop leakage.
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