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Bottom line: wine producers are pushed to cut downtime from damage and improper corking.

Aesthetic damage to bottles and labels costs more than just the bottle.

In a very competitive category with uncompromising buyers, glass containers need to be perfect aesthetically to appeal to the consumer. Damage caused by scuffing can cause losses not only in production time, but in valuable product that is time-consuming to produce and brand image should damage be missed by quality control. PressureQC utilized on filling and packaging lines offers instant reading of pressure and spin with real time notifications highlighting trouble areas. Your brand image is kept under control even as your line runs more efficiently. And of course, the cost of losses is significantly reduced. 

Breakage in bottling plants is a major cause of downtime.

Whether triggered by ramping the speed of production or testing new bottle designs, glass breakage is a bottling plant's major source of inefficiency. ShockQC provides the information required to reduce this breakage by up to 80% and cut associated downtime. The cost savings add up quickly. ShockQC measures the acceleration impact of bottles colliding, allowing the operator to read the numbers in real time on a tablet and to see where the problem exists. Quickly adapting to stay within the accepted range of the bottles saves more wine for pouring rather than bursting on the floor. New bottles can be tested in advance to ensure they can handle the process.

Proper corking and a perfect seal is crucial.

Too much pressure on the corking machine can cause breakage or mechanical damage. Too little pressure allows air past the seal or leakage. When the calibration is so important to the process it can take excess time to get things running. The industry is under pressure to produce and now VerticalQC precisely measures the downward pressure of the corking machine allowing set up in minutes and ensuring the integrity of the product. Once again, the acrylic replica of the bottle, with embedded sensors, sends a wireless real-time data to the operator’s tablet to set the course for smooth operation and proper sealing.

Cut downtime. Reduce damage. Cork properly.
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