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Reduce glass breakage by 80% with industry's only IPS measurement.

Measure IPS and G-force to reduce damage, waste and improve line efficiencies.

Containers that experience shock and impact on the line that exceed the recommended IPS (inches per second) rating are far more likely to break and trigger a chain-reaction on your line. 

How the process works:

Use ShockQC™ smart replicas of your glass containers, cans or other fragile containers to measure IPS and G-Force to identify the root cause of damage with 99% repeatability. Location tracking with wireless Bluetooth beacons pinpoint the origin of damage and opportunities for improvement.


Minimize breakage by pinpointing areas of impact greater than container rating using IPS and G-Force.

Spin & Tilt
Spin & Tilt

Control label and pressure damage by reducing degrees per second of container tilt and spin.


Control contamination and quality issues in rinsing and pasteurization processes with temperature sensors.

Features + Benefits

Reduce breakage and damage by 80%.

Cut downtime by 60% with consistent use.

Improve line efficiencies, targeting downtime and maintenance.

Measure IPS (Inches Per Second) strength-rating for glass containers.

Calculate VII (Vidrala Impact Index) rating of line impact performance.

Make data-driven decisions.

Configurable App

Customized thresholds quickly detect areas where IPS and G-Force measurements exceed container rating.

Interchangeable Pod System

Transferable sensor pods enable flexibility and cost-effective expansion to multiple replica container types.

Smart Sensor Replicas

Virtual remote sensors travel through your line to monitor the entire process, not just a moment in time.

Custom Acrylics

Heat and water resistant acrylic replicas are based on your containers’ CAD drawings for absolute accuracy.

Real-time Location & Visualization

Wireless Bluetooth beacons and an integrated photo capture pinpoint and visualize the exact location where product damage occurs.

Pre-loaded Tablet

The MMAAZZ™ app ships pre-loaded on a Windows-based tablet for quick set-up and real-time calibration.

Web-based Dashboard

Compare data runs and generate reports from anywhere via an easy-to-use web interface.

Line Intelligence Visualization

Executive Dashboard Data Analysis for quick insights and trending through modern data visualization.

IPS and VII Measurement

Industry’s only Inches Per Second (IPS) and Vidrala Impact Index (VII) measurement and visualization.

Technical Specifications

Data Recording

Sampling Rate: Up to 100,000 samples/second to ensure 99% repeatability on any given point.


Type: Rechargeable Li-Ion
Charge: 8 hours continuous use

Impact Detection

Accelerometers: 5
Triaxial Accelerometers provide comprehensive 360º detection.


Range: 300 ft.
Other: Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0

Our dashboard pinpoints problems in minutes.

System includes smart sensor replicas, tablet, location tracking beacons and web dashboard access. 


Watch it in action

ShockQC™ is a very useful tool that we use to diagnose issues on customer filling lines. Having the ability to measure impacts in-line, wirelessly in real time has provided data to improve our customer's filling operations.

Michel Alesi, Vice President of Operational Excellence
O-I Europe