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BrauBeviale, the European trade fair for the beverage industry is taking place from November 13th through 15th, 2018, in Nuremberg, Germany and the Masitek team will be there!  This year’s theme, “The art of brewing goes digital,” definitely reflects our smart in-line sensor technology and our latest innovation, ScuffQC, which we’re excited to introduce at the show.

Introducing ScuffQC – increase the number of filling cycles of returnable glass

White wear on a bottle, known as scuffing, is an undesirable blemish. It’s also a major factor in processing that drastically reduces the number of refills that can be obtained from returnable glass containers.

We developed ScuffQC as a result of findings from a year-long study of scuffing that we undertook with a brewing partner and independent, third-party testing facility. We learned that scuffing significantly limits the number of refills that can be expected from a given container. Through extensive research and testing, we developed exclusive technologies to measure scuff and extend the usable life of returnable glass bottles.


In addition to ScuffQC, we will also be showcasing our smart in-line sensors:

• ShockQC™ - Reduce glass breakage by 80% with industry's only IPS measurement.
• PressureQC™ - Minimize denting & scuffing damage on your line.
• VerticalQC™ - Shorten calibration on capping machines from hours to minutes
• SeamerQC™ - Reduce can damage, calibrate seamer heads + test lightweight can designs.

We’re also excited to talk about LIV™, Line Intelligence Visualization

Recently introduced, LIV provides in-depth data analysis from quick insights to identifying trends such as line degradation or improvement over time. LIV offers a whole plant view with ability to drill-down to problematic lines and isolate inefficient areas.


Heading to BrauBeviale? Visit us at Hall 7A at Stand 328.

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