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Eight breweries in over six countries that fall under the Carlsberg East European packaging group are now receiving real-time data on their filling lines in order to pinpoint problematic areas and increase plant efficiencies. The search for the tools required to gain the information they needed for improvement lead them to Masitek Instruments Inc. and to their ShockQC™ and PressureQC+™ solutions.

Founded in 1847, the Carlsberg Group holds a strong number one or two position in 80% of the markets they serve and are constantly striving to improve all aspects of the production process. Management understood that detecting the high impact and pressure points of the lines was the quickest way to increasing the speed and efficiency and with Masitek smart sensor technology, the wireless reporting immediately identifies and quantifies damage and scuffing. With information comes solutions and the partnership between one of the latest technologies and one of the oldest brewers gives Carlsberg a leap in doing their internal efficiency audits.

The addition of the Masitek products, while aiding the optimization, also blends nicely with the Carlsberg ambition to be the fastest growing global brewer.

“Carlsberg understood that improving the high impact and pressure points in the packaging line is a quick way to improve efficiencies and even increase filling line rates,” says Pablo Asiron, EVP, Global Sales for Masitek.

Carlsberg produces beer under eight different brands and with export licensing agreements is now available in over one hundred markets around the world. Their commitment to minimize environmental impact and to optimize resources starts with their own brewing and logistics operations before heading through the value chain.

“The addition of such a long standing and globally successful user to our systems is certainly exciting and adds credence to our commitment over the past two years of working with our customers, listening intently to what they are looking for and then putting their wishes into practical use,” says Asiron. “There is no greater pat on the back for the entire staff than having Carlsberg look for solutions and choose our real-time products as their best road to improvement.”