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After achieving significant ROI from the use of Masitek sensor products at their plant in Wuhan, China; Anheuser-Busch InBev, the largest global brewer and one of the world’s top five consumer product companies, has once again called on Masitek to optimize performance of their bottling and packaging lines. The latest installation includes several US-based plants, including their bottling operations in St. Louis, Missouri.

The St. Louis AB InBev facility, the original Budweiser brewery, is the company’s largest in North America. In November, the facility completed a one-month pilot with the Masitek suite of sensors.

The initial pilot project with the Masitek replica sensors proved to the on-site team that the system was not only easy to use but provided the complete dataset that they required. In one instance, a night shift had been experiencing breakage issues. ShockQC remedied their situation in minutes as data was instantly streamed to plant technicians, allowing them to pinpoint trouble areas. 

Requiring less than an hour of set-up time at the facility, Masitek sensors were designed as replicas of AB InBev’s bottles which are placed on the line to ‘experience’ the bottling process first-hand. Immediate improvements from the sensors deployed at the St. Louis pilot were a result of the solution’s ability to pinpoint high impact and pressure points on the line where breakage and scuffing were occurring. The tools were also able to determine the appropriate pressure level for capping aluminum bottles.

Pablo Asiron, EVP, Global Sales for Masitek, best explains the success in simple terms, “Our products did what we said they would do and we passed every challenge with flying colours. What more could we ask for? It is always rewarding to show what our products can do and have them solve problems in such short order.”

“There is no better test for our replica sensors than to be used by the biggest and best brewers and to see their satisfaction with the results. This is the kind of situation that drives us all to be even better. It creates a genuine pride in our work and I am so very pleased,” adds Masitek President and CEO, Tracy Clinch.

In addition to a roll-out at subsequent AB InBev plants, the Masitek sensor suite will continue to be used at the St. Louis facility to ensure ongoing line performance and cost savings. The sensors will also act as a preventative maintenance tool.