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(Moncton NB) Developed as a direct result of industry feedback, Masitek Instruments Inc. announces the release of a new smart sensor solution to their lineup, SeamerQC™. Masitek worked closely with D.I.E.C., an OEM and solution provider to the canning industry, to develop the new SeamerQC™ product to satisfy industry demand for a solution to measure downward pressure for canning operations where sealing the lid is part of the process.

D.I. Engineering Corporation (D.I.E.C.), with locations in Japan, Singapore, China and Colorado, USA collaborated with MMAAZZ, sharing industry experience and knowledge to develop the product which will serve canning clients on a consistent basis, not only on their lines but also in the testing of new machinery and product designs.

The process of sealing a two-piece can requires precise calibration to avoid damage from any number of causes such as undersealing, improper crimping or overload, either of which affects quality control. The SeamerQC™ system includes exact acrylic replicas of the client’s can which is enabled with sophisticated sensors to measure and track vertical pressure being applied to aluminum cans as they are processed through the high-speed filling line and seaming equipment.

The technology can also be applied to product design, engineering and testing, particularly in light-weighting initiatives which are common in the canning industry in an effort to save raw materials and related cost.

“Having the opportunity to work closely with D.I.E.C. has been invaluable,” stated Tracy Clinch, CEO of Masitek.  “This company is a key supplier to those in the canning industry and in fact, the reason they based their US location in Colorado is because it is the home of the two-piece can pioneer, Adolph Coors Company.”  Clinch adds, “Our people are travelling the world and helping us partner with great companies.  We are proud to add the new SeamerQC™ to our menu of battery operated, heat resistant, water proof acrylic replicas and reduce damage to lightweight cans as they are being sealed.”

SeamerQC™ is the fourth product in the sensor technology lineup produced by Masitek, joining ShockQC™, PressureQC™ and VerticalQC™ which are currently deployed in the world’s top ten bottling and canning companies.