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Moncton, NB) A global leader in virtual remote sensing, MMAAZZ Technology announces the release of advanced sensor technology which is poised to transform how the packaging industry detects and prevents damage in the production process.

The result of two years of client consultation, the technology release is a complete overhaul of the sensor technology that drives the company’s products. ShockQC™, PressureQC™ and VerticalQC™ are acrylic replicas of packaging containers that are placed in client’s production lines to generate real-time sensor data. The sensors measure variables in the production process such as shock or pressure which cause product damage and costly downtime.   

In addition to a vastly enhanced sampling rate and Bluetooth beacons to wireless track the system location as it runs through a manufacturing line, the new sensors are enabled with direct calculation of IPS (Inches per second) velocity measurement as well as Scuff Index™, a revolutionary new indicator for the packaging industry.

“One of the most significant accomplishments of this release is the new Scuff Index™,” says MMAAZZ EVP of Global Business Development, Pablo Asiron. “Scuffing was identified as a significant problem as it reduced the recycled-life for returnable bottles and significant aesthetic damage to non-returnable containers. With this release, we offer the first and only sensor with a Scuff Index™ calculation that quantifies the scuffing that a container is experiencing when processed through the line.”

A new client portal and tablet interface accompany the new technology with additional reporting capabilities and an improved user experience.

“Our business development team and valued agents have spent two years with our customers, listening to ideas, working to optimize their lines, and making their processes more efficient,” says Tracy Clinch, President of MMAAZZ parent-company, Masitek Instruments Inc. “The release of this new technology is the culmination of customer feedback and our experience in the marketplace.  Our development team has exceeded all expectations on this release.”