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(Moncton, NB) MMAAZZ, the leading smart sensor provider for the food and beverage industry and a division of Masitek Instruments Inc., will be displaying their smart sensor solutions at the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry in September. The Drinktec event will coincide with the preliminary release of MMAAZZ’s ground-breaking glass study.

CEO and President Tracy Clinch explains, “Global bottling and packaging companies are increasingly focused on sustainable packaging such as reusable glass. Industry leaders want to drive profitability and reduce their environmental footprint, however, have been lacking a scientific measure as to how processing the bottles impacts the lifespan of this sustainable packaging material. This study effectively answers that pain-point and I can think of no better audience than Drinktec to share that answer with.”

The company has partnered with the highly respected Spanish testing facility, CTM Centre Tecnologic, and a major Spanish brewery, with a goal of extending the life of reusable glass and aluminum bottles through the reduction of “scuffing” on the bottling line.

Pablo Asiron, EVP, Global Sales for MMAAZZ, states, “We were the first and still the only company in the world that measures the impact received by a bottle in IPS (standard units set by AGR) and now we are moving our products again to untouched territory by being able to quantify the amount of scuffing that a filling line inflicts on a bottle. This has been an important collaboration for us since Europe has very strict scuffing guidelines for glass, and bottles are removed from the line when they have visible scuff marks. A positive side benefit for us from this, besides the important scuffing developments, is that with the same sensor, we will be able to measure friction on aluminum cans and bottles and will be able to reduce rejects due to aesthetic (label) issues.”

MMAAZZ also plans to introduce their new CoF measurement tool at the global event. A measure of resulting force due to contact between two objects, friction, expressed as Coefficient of Friction (CoF), is a critical factor during processing and handling of packaging. From filling operations through to the consumer, improper CoF values can cause a range of issues from hang-ups along packaging lines, material mis-feeds, erratic tracking and a buildup of static electricity. The new product, CoF TestQC, will join their current array of sensor products used by major facilities around the world.

Clinch adds, “We are confident that this new product will measure with real-time point-in-time results, track trends and report on historical CoF measurements, correlate CoF with other key material processing metrics and reduce testing time with automatic location tracking by line area. Pablo and his sales team take great pride in the fact that they listen to our clients and bring back to the team what is important for us to work on in order to meet their needs. I know that he is excited to fill everyone in on the other benefits and complete details of this new product.”

As of the current date, Tracy is able to confirm that at least one more new area will be unveiled at the Drinktec exhibit. “We have been working on a new reporting feature that we believe will be well received by our clients. Again, this show is so well timed for our company, we can’t wait to pack our bags and get to Germany.”

The MMAAZZ booth for Drinktec will be located in Hall B4, Stand 405.