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(Moncton, NB) Masitek Instruments Inc., a global leader in smart sensors for food and beverage industries is showcasing the latest in-line sensors for over 37,000 visitors at Europe’s BrauBeviale. The beverage sector event which takes place in Nuremburg, Germany from November 8-10, 2016 will mark the first public viewing of Masitek’s latest innovation, SeamerQC™.

BrauBeviale is a major beverage industry event which explores the complete process chain of beverage production: from raw materials and technologies to logistics and marketing. Over 1000 exhibitors will be on-site with leading-edge technology including Masitek’s latest innovation, SeamerQC™.

“Developed as a direct result of industry feedback, SeamerQC™ satisfies industry demand for a solution to measure downward pressure for canning operations where sealing the lid is part of the process,” explains Pablo Asiron, EVP, Global Sales at Masitek.

The process of sealing a two-piece can requires precise calibration to avoid damage from any number of causes such as undersealing, improper crimping or overload, either of which affects quality control. The SeamerQC™ system includes exact acrylic replicas of the client’s can which is enabled with sophisticated sensors to measure and track vertical pressure being applied to aluminum cans as they are processed through the high-speed filling line and seaming equipment.

This latest innovation marks the second major release of Masitek in as many months. Earlier this year, the company announced a complete overhaul of the sensor technology that drives the company’s products. ShockQC™, PressureQC™ and VerticalQC™ are acrylic replicas of packaging containers that are placed in client’s production lines to generate real-time sensor data. The sensors measure variables in the production process such as shock or pressure which cause product damage and costly downtime.

“Our team has spent two years with our customers, listening to ideas, working to optimize their lines, and making their processes more efficient,” says Tracy Clinch, Masitek CEO. “BrauBeviale is a great opportunity to interact with our clients to better understand their needs.”

Masitek technology will be onsite for the duration of the BrauBeviale event, located in Hall4A, Stand 426.