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(Moncton, NB) Masitek Instruments Inc., the leading smart in-line sensor provider for the food and beverage industry, is pleased to announce further expansion of their product sales to AB InBev, the world’s largest brewing company. Masitek has previously supplied ShockQCTM , PressureQCTM, and VerticalQCTM, to many of the brewer’s global facilities and the results at those locations lead to the purchase.

The latest deployment of smart in-line sensors across AB InBev is at the company’s Foshan, China location. SeamerQCTM, which tracks vertical pressure in the seaming of aluminum cans, is being utilized across numerous can types and filling lines in the operation.

Pablo Asiron, Executive Vice-President of Global Business Development, stated, “A high speed plant needs real-time data in order to adjust lines on the run and gain the most efficiency. With the Foshan, China plant, they were looking to get a better handle on how the seamers were operating and without our product, in their words, they were ‘operating blind’. With SeamerQCTM the calibration becomes much easier, quicker and more precise.”

Pablo went on to say, “I was really impressed with their people during their training period. Every meeting was well attended and you could tell that they were genuinely excited about using the sensors. They were also very excited about the data they were getting and how it was presented.”

The agency representing Masitek in China, Delai, says the plant in Foshan has plans to trial their new device in other nearby partner facilities, in the search for better vision with trouble areas.

Asiron concludes, “It is always a great to see our sensors being used in a new area like this because what happens is, the success that this plant sees will be desired by others who become aware of it. Also, of course, anytime you get to deal with AB InBev, it is a real pleasure.”

About Masitek

Headquartered in New Brunswick, Canada, Masitek Instruments Inc. offers state-of-the-art, real-time wireless detection and reporting technologies designed to immediately identify and quantify damage to fragile goods in production, packaging and distribution systems for handlers and manufacturers around the world in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Masitek’s innovative sensor technology helps reduce downtime, enhance product integrity and increase global scalability, productivity and profits. Masitek has grown to become the global leader in virtual remote sensing technology with installations in Fortune 1000 companies around the world.

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“A high speed plant needs real-time data in order to adjust lines on the run and gain the most efficiency."