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In the beer industry, the push is to reduce glass breakage and prolong the life of recyclable glass bottles. Operations and engineering are under pressure to produce more beer which is why the top four breweries globally now deploy smart sensors to improve line efficiency.

High processing speeds in beer bottling require optimal line efficiency.

Setting lines to higher speeds enables both higher production output and higher risk of damage. Aesthetic damage such as torn labels and scuffed glass, improper capping and sealing, denting and breakage as well as shortened bottle life all add to overall cost and increased downtime. Improve line efficiency by spotting and eliminating issues prior to line degradation.

Boost your line efficiency

Reduce breakage from impact by up to 80%.

The beer industry reports average industry breakage levels as high as 2%. Impact can be a major contributing factor to glass container breakage, shortened container life and reduced line efficiency from resulting downtime. Advances in technology to enable dynamic measurement of impact on the line is quickly becoming a standard in the brewing industry.

Reduce breakage from shock

Vertical calibration of cappers that saves time and effort.

Working closely with leading providers to the beverage industry resulted in the development of a sensor that reads the downward pressure on containers. Calibration using smart in-line sensors in advance of the line run and on a regular basis throughout the run, pinpoints any issues with the capper for immediate remediation and eliminates trail-and-error.

Shorten calibration of capping and seaming equipment