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Global producer seeks tool to test designs and monitor lines.

A global FMCG company was interested to learn more about Masitek smart sensors to monitor their lines in multiple facilities. Primarily, the company wanted to test new package designs, container designs and equipment, but also wanted to monitor lines for areas of escalation on a regular basis to avoid unnecessary downtime and unplanned maintenance.


ShockQC™ essential not only for testing, but also damage prevention.

By adding ShockQC to their production lines in multiple facilities, sites have been able to greatly reduce breakage and downtime. ShockQC is able to measure areas of damaging impact and scuffing on the line and instantly provide this real-time data to the operator. 

ShockQC is a smart replica of glass containers, cans or other fragile containers to measure IPS and G-Force and identify the root cause of damage with 99% repeatability. Location tracking with wireless Bluetooth beacons pinpoint the origin of damage and opportunities for improvement.

In addition to our standard suite of solutions, MMAAZZ sensors can be customized. Mounting sensors on many different containers and shapes from cardboard packaging to plastic moulds allows facilities to find trouble spots anywhere they might arise.

Sites have reduced both breakage and downtime with the use of ShockQC™ in scheduled quality control protocol.