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Understanding root cause of shocks in production, measured in Inches Per Second (IPS), enables fillers to improve line efficiency and reduce container damage.

How does an IPS rating correlate to impact on the line?

In the simplest terms, the IPS rating of a bottle means that a bottle is certified to have a given percentage of breakage when it is impacted by a known mass.

It isn’t a guarantee that breakage will occur simply because a bottle receives an impact greater than its IPS rating, however the probability of breakage will increase.

As an example, a particular bottle is designed with an IPS of 20 and a breakage of 1 per 10,000. If that bottle receives an impact measuring 25 IPS, the bottle may not break but the probability of breakage increases to 5 per 10,000 bottles, or five times greater.

Dynamically measure IPS on the line in real-time

IPS (Inches Per Second) measurement has long been a strength rating for glass bottle producers but unknown to fillers. Today, IPS is fast-becoming a vital measurement tool for fillers trying to design and process a lightweight bottle design without reaching a breaking point (literally) where it cannot withstand the impact it receives on a given line.

The real world is a complex environment with diverse variables that affect how a container responds to impact. The evolution of technology has enabled additional methods of measuring IPS, a more dynamic IPS calculation for fillers and glass manufacturers alike.

Start Measuring Impact & IPS

Rate your line's impact performance with the Vidrala Impact Index

When a container goes through the filling line it receives multiple impacts of variable intensity. The Vidrala Impact Index is defined as the number of impacts, with the same magnitude of the IPS rating of the bottle, that would produce a similar breakage probability. 

VII represents the number of impacts, with the same IPS rating of the bottle, that would produce a similar breakage probability.

As an example, if the Vidrala Impact Index of a line is 22, that means that all the impacts received by the glass bottle during filling, would cause the same increase in the probability of breakage of that bottle than being hit 22 times by an impact with a magnitude equal to the bottle’s IPS rating.

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