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Quantifying product damage from plant to distribution center, through to its final destination, enables optimization of the entire transportation process.

Do you actively monitor impact, pressure, vertical load, friction, temperature and humidity during shipping?

Investigating and solving issues regarding logistics, warehousing, distribution, and transportation of goods is a daily challenge for Quality and Logistics teams.

Sensor tools provide beverage and fragile food manufacturers loading-dock to loading-dock visibility of shock, sidewall pressures and other variables in case or on pallet during shipping.

How we can help:

Track Sources of Damage

Understand the source of damage to take corrective action, either to solve or avoid the root cause of damage altogether.

  • Deploy after palletizing during transfer handling to monitor transportation shock and vibration
  • Understand handling impact or failure during transit resulting in breakage
  • Reduce sidewall fretting resulting in wall perforation
  • Eliminate label and lacquer damage due to friction during transportation

Monitor Loss and Assign Responsibility

Monitor loss during transportation and develop a quality plan to take appropriate action, be it internal adjustments or with a third-party supplier.

  • Evaluate shipping partner and packaging supplier performance
  • When damage occurs, quantify and understand damage to make informed decisions 
  • Eliminate reliance on ‘gut feel’ when negotiating a solution

Report Dock-to-Dock Glass Breakage and Damage Loss KPI

Close the information loop and monitor quality KPI from dock-to-dock.

  • Extend visibility of key metrics including glass breakage, quality KPI and other product loss KPI through both production and shipping processes
  • Understand trends across an operation's logistics to identify areas of focus
  • Enable benchmarking and comparison

See how smart sensors can improve your transportation processes.

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