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Today’s aerosols are lightweight and environmentally friendly, but thin walls are susceptible to denting and creating a proper seal can prove challenging.

We understand the unique challenges of aerosol containers.

Aerosol packaging has undergone a major transformation. Aerosol cans are now available in unique shapes and sizes with various dispensing technology. Depending on the look brands are aiming for, lightweight aerosol container designs can feature curves, printed decorations or labels.

Container innovations such as these can create challenges during design and production, including difficulties creating a proper seal which is necessary for pressurization. Thin container walls can also lead to denting and other aesthetic damage.

Find the source of damage in aerosol cans.

Smart in-line sensors can be used to overcome the design and processing challenges of aerosol dispensing technology. Sensors can also be used to prevent the types of damage most common in aerosol containers.


Aesthetic Damage

Improper Seal



See how smart sensors can improve aerosol container designs and streamline production.

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