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PET is one the most dynamic container formats in the packaging industry, accounting for 77% of packaging unit volume gains from 2004-2009.

We understand the mechanical forces that affect PET containers.

The benefits of PET containers are extensive. Lightweight designs are cost effective to produce, require less energy to transport and are a sustainable choice which satisfies consumer demand. In addition, flexibility in PET container design enables producers to build a distinct brand identity.

This push towards increasingly lightweight PET containers and unique container shapes presents challenges in processing, resulting in damage or line inefficiency.

Find the source of damage to PET.

Smart in-line sensors can be used to prevent the damage and ineffiencies that are common in PET operations. Sensors can also prevent line performance degradation when used in a preventative maintenance program.

Crush Damage

Improper Seal

Label Tearing


Aesthetic Damage



Smart in-line sensors can improve the efficiency of your PET bottling operation.

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