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Prevent crush damage and premature equipment wear. 

Measure squeeze load to optimize line transportation systems, inform maintenance decisions and reduce container damage.

Regardless of the container material - glass, aluminum or PET - packaging operations will benefit from monitoring pressure and correcting areas of concern. Actionable data can inform maintenance decisions such as lubrication and conveyor adjustments. Container damage from friction, particularly in aluminum cans, can also be alleviated. 

How the process works

Outfitted with pressure sensitive film, PressureQC™ smart sensor replicas are placed on the line to measure squeeze load. Location beacons identify where to take immediate corrective actions and prioritize maintenance tasks.


Alleviate damage from compacting containers by controlling external force measured in pounds-force or Newtons.

Spin & Tilt
Spin & Tilt

Control label and pressure damage by reducing degrees per second of container tilt and spin.


Relieve areas of high pressure causing premature equipment wear.
Determine maintenance and capital investment priorities.
Improve line efficiency including the frequency of downtime events.
Identify areas of potential container damage, particularly for aluminum cans.

Pressure Film Technology [ More+]

Sensitive pressure film with high sampling frequency for accurate and repeatable measure of squeeze load.

Line Intelligence Visualization

Executive dashboard data analysis for quick insights and trending through modern data visualization.

Adjustable Height Pressure Sensor

Optional multi-height sensor lowers cost of ownership, enabling pressure measurement for multiple containers within 5mm diameter.

Custom Acrylics

Heat and water resistant acrylic replicas are based on your containers’ CAD drawings for absolute accuracy.

Video & Location Tracking

Wireless Bluetooth beacons combined with integrated video pinpoints and visualizes locations with high pressure.

Transportation Mode [ More+ ]

Deploy in a case or pallet during shipping for a dock-to-shelf account of your product's transportation journey.

Technical Specifications

Data Recording

Sampling Rate: Up to 100,000 samples/second.


Type: Rechargeable Li-Ion
Charge: 8 hours continuous use

Pressure Detection

Multiple pressure films
Independent calibration
Custom measurement range 


Range: 300 ft.
Other: Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0

Configurable App

Customized thresholds quickly detect areas where pressure exceeds desired levels.

Pre-loaded Tablet

The Masitek app ships pre-loaded on a Windows-based tablet for quick set-up and real-time calibration.

Web-based Dashboard

Compare data runs and generate reports from anywhere via an easy-to-use web interface.

Insight, trends & detailed analysis.

Monitor trends such as line degradation or improvement over time.
The Masitek solution dashboard with Line Intelligence Visualization delivers actionable information to enhance your routines.


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