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Reduce can damage, calibrate seamer heads + test lightweight can designs.

Measure downward pressure
for canning operations to reduce damage and ensure proper sealing.

The process of sealing a two-piece can requires precise calibration to avoid damage from any number of causes such as undersealing, or overload, either of which affects quality control. SeamerQC™ tracks vertical pressure being applied to an exact replica of the aluminum can lid as it is processed through the high-speed filling line and seaming equipment to reduce damage.

How the process works

Use SeamerQC™ smart sensor replicas as part of your regular calibration process to put an end to lengthy shut downs and improve overall line efficiency. Location tracking beacons identify exact problem areas for immediate corrective action.

Vertical Load
Vertical Load

Calibrate vertical load accurately in pounds or kilograms of pressure with up to 500lb vertical load capacity.

Features + Benefits

Avoid damage from a number of causes such as undersealing or overload.
Improve process and results of lightweight can engineering projects.
Test new machinery and processing lines.
Reduce calibration time of seaming equipment.

Flexible Design

Design features include indented top for the flat seaming of a dimpled lid and aluminum band to avoid rejection by proximity sensors.

Interchangeable Pod System

Transferable sensor pods enable flexibility and cost-effective expansion to multiple replica container types.

In-Line Sensors

Virtual remote sensors travel through your line to monitor the entire process, not just a moment in time.

Custom Acrylics

Heat and water resistant acrylic replicas are based on your containers’ CAD drawings for absolute accuracy.

Pre-loaded Tablet

The MMAAZZ™ app ships pre-loaded on a Windows-based tablet for quick set-up and real-time calibration.

Web-based Dashboard

Compare data runs and generate reports from anywhere via an easy-to-use web interface.

Real-time Location & Visualization

Wireless Bluetooth beacons and an integrated photo capture pinpoint and visualize the exact location where product damage occurs.

Technical Specifications

Data Recording

Sampling Rate: Up to 100,000 samples/second to ensure 99% repeatability on any given point.


Type: Rechargeable Li-Ion
Charge: 8 hours continuous use

Vertical Load Detection

500lb-f load cell
500lbs (225 kg)

Our dashboard pinpoints problems in minutes.

System includes smart sensor replicas, tablet, location tracking beacons and web dashboard access.


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